Definition of "pill" []

  • A small pellet or tablet of medicine, often coated, taken by swallowing whole or by chewing. (noun)
  • Informal An oral contraceptive. Used with the. (noun)
  • Slang Something, such as a baseball, that resembles a pellet of medicine. (noun)
  • Something both distasteful and necessary. (noun)
  • Slang An insipid or ill-natured person. (noun)
  • A small spherical or ovoid mass of a medicinal substance, intended to be swallowed whole (noun)

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  • Something unpleasant that must be endured (esp in the phrase bitter pill to swallow) (noun)
  • A ball or disc (noun)
  • A small ball of matted fibres that forms on the surface of a fabric through rubbing (noun)
  • An unpleasant or boring person (noun)
  • To give pills to (verb)
  • To make pills of (verb)
  • To form into small balls (verb)
  • (of a fabric) to form small balls of fibre on its surface through rubbing (verb)
  • To blackball (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "pill" in a sentence
  • "The half-life of a melatonin pill is short and it doesn't last long; a patch, on the other hand, can deliver small doses throughout its use to keep the levels in the body consistent for a longer, stronger effect."
  • "Chest deep into an addiction to the title pill, Stephen Elliott struggles to write and struggles to maintain a fulfilling relationship."
  • "Also Randy Alcorn, a well-known pro-life apologist and Protestant pastor, published a booklet in 1998 in which he gave the reasons for why the pill is an abortifacient and he has actually counselled couples in his ministry against using the pill for that reason."