Definition of "pile" []

  • A quantity of objects stacked or thrown together in a heap. See Synonyms at heap. (noun)
  • Informal A large accumulation or quantity: a pile of trouble. (noun)
  • Slang A large sum of money; a fortune: made their pile in the commodities market. (noun)
  • A funeral pyre. (noun)
  • A very large building or complex of buildings. (noun)
  • A collection of objects laid on top of one another or of other material stacked vertically; heap; mound (noun)

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  • A large amount of money (esp in the phrase make a pile) (noun)
  • A large amount (noun)
  • A large building or group of buildings (noun)
  • A structure of uranium and a moderator used for producing atomic energy; nuclear reactor (noun)
  • An arrangement of wrought-iron bars that are to be heated and worked into a single bar (noun)
  • The point of an arrow (noun)
  • To collect or be collected into or as if into a pile (verb)
  • To move in a group, esp in a hurried or disorganized manner (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "pile" in a sentence
  • ""Nummus ratitus -- ce qu'aujourd'hui nous appellons jouer à croix ou à pile, car _pile_ est un vieil mot français qui signifiait un Navire,"
  • "What if I tell you my pile is a piece of modern art sculpture and his is a hospital?"
  • "And the many others who were not directly on what we call the pile, the horrendous mountain of debris following the attacks, but were in close proximity."