Definition of "pikemen" [pikemen]

  • Plural form of pikeman. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "pikemen" in a sentence
  • "In Bladestorm, rather than control and fight as one character, entire squads of period fighters such as pikemen or royal knights or musketeers or archers could be captained into huge skirmishes, a bit like Total War on speed."
  • "There is no extant attestation for the third member of Awa's coven, Monique, a female brothel-keeper who wants to be a gunner and gets her chance at the 1522 Battle of La Bicocca, where the Swiss pikemen marched to their first decisive defeat, by powder and shot."
  • "Formations of pikemen repeatedly charged each other; the battle ended when a third army appeared and scattered the others with cannon fire and musketry."