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Definition of "piggin" [pig•gin]

  • A small pail, can or ladle with the handle on the side; a lading-can. In the colonial era, some buckets were made like a small barrel, but with one stave left extra long. This stave would be carved into a handle so the bucket could be used as an oversized scoop. It was used on farms for scattering grain for the chickens, slopping the hogs, as a one-handed milk bucket, and as a grain scoop. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "piggin" in a sentence
  • "They are merry enough when together, but not one of them will go alone for a "piggin" of water, and if you slip up in the shadow of the old oak and throw a stone into the spring, the entire party will rush away at the splash, screaming with fear, convinced that the "cymbie" is after them."
  • "Map of Old Prince William "before p. 351.) [5] A piggin is a small container made like a barrel but open at the top and often with one longer stave with a handle fashioned in it."
  • "Ugly, old words like piggin and spurtle and keeler, which are all kitchen implements."