Definition of "piano" []

  • A musical instrument with a manual keyboard actuating hammers that strike wire strings, producing sounds that may be softened or sustained by means of pedals. (noun)
  • In a soft or quiet tone. Used chiefly as a direction. (adverb)
  • A passage to be played softly or quietly. (noun)
  • A musical stringed instrument resembling a harp set in a vertical or horizontal frame, played by depressing keys that cause hammers to strike the strings and produce audible vibrations (noun)

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Use "piano" in a sentence
  • "With a fine piano or a violin, whether the effect is to be _piano_ or _fortissimo, _ the touch should be only with the amount of force needed to give a clear vibration, and the ease with which a fortissimo effect is thus produced is astonishing."
  • "The computerised augmentation of the acoustic piano, the piano+, has developed from a combination of conventional and extended playing techniques, prepared piano and electronic real-time modifications of its sounds."
  • "[5] The term piano trio is used to signify a piece for piano, violin, and 'cello, in full sonata form."