Definition of "perpetual" []

  • Lasting for eternity. (adjective)
  • Continuing or lasting for an indefinitely long time. (adjective)
  • Instituted to be in effect or have tenure for an unlimited duration: a treaty of perpetual friendship. (adjective)
  • Continuing without interruption. See Synonyms at continual. (adjective)
  • Flowering throughout the growing season. (adjective)
  • Eternal; permanent (adjective)

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  • Seemingly ceaseless because often repeated (adjective)
  • Blooming throughout the growing season or year (adjective)
  • (of a crop plant) continually producing edible parts: perpetual spinach (noun)
  • A plant that blooms throughout the growing season (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "perpetual" in a sentence
  • "We have heard from time to time of the term perpetual motion."
  • "Taken literally, the term perpetual motion refers to movement that goes on forever."
  • "There are often humorous passages, for the Altrurians are inextinguishably amused by our illogicality, and what they call the perpetual _non sequiturs_ of our lives and laws."