Definition of "perijove" []

  • The point in the orbit of any onr of Jupiter's satellites where it comes nearest to the planet. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

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  • "The craft is due to enter an elongated orbit about Jupiter, taking 11 days to loop within 4,300 km of Jupiter's equatorial cloud-tops at its low-point, or perijove, and a high-point, or apojove, some 2.7 million km further out, beyond the orbit of Callisto which is the farthest of Jupiter's four main moons."
  • "A successful burn at perijove was all that mattered; they would have plenty of time to study mysterious black spots on the way home."
  • "Even at perigee -- er, perijove -- it's much too high to be affected by atmospheric drag. ""
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