Definition of "peri" [pe•ri]

  • In Persian mythology, a beautiful and benevolent supernatural being or fairy, earlier regarded as malevolent. (noun)

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Use "peri" in a sentence
  • "I don’t think they would qualify as rural now doesn’t Hansen use the term peri-urban?"
  • "Lips. 1842, p. 25n) says that” Unus Cod. qui ex cœnobiis montis Athos advectus est “gives the title peri tēs Sōsannēs."
  • "Likewise, in peri-Y2K modernity, the two metaphors of Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Computing both provide frameworks for developing technology, agency, and politics - one an Apollonian vision of discourse mediated through distributed displays and UI; the other an emergent ecology of agency distributed among people and machines."