Definition of "per centum" []

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Use "per centum" in a sentence
  • "Amend sec. 10, by adding after the word "aforesaid," in 8th line, the words, for which services the Auditor shall be allowed the sum of one eighth of one per centum on said tax, payable out of any money in the Treasury, not otherwise appropriated."
  • "Cash received of Bank of Cape Fear, dividend on 50 shares of stock belonging to this fund, for 6 months ending 1st January, 1830, at 2 per centum"
  • "The House respectfully proposes to the Senate to amend the report on the petition of James Gilliam, to be refunded a Confederate war tax twice paid, by adding, after the word "cent," in the fourteenth line, the words "less five per centum thereon.""