Definition of "pediment" [ped•i•ment]

  • A wide, low-pitched gable surmounting the façade of a building in the Grecian style. (noun)
  • A triangular element, similar to or derivative of a Grecian pediment, used widely in architecture and decoration. (noun)
  • Geology A broad, gently sloping rock surface at the base of a steeper slope, often covered with alluvium, formed primarily by erosion. (noun)

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Use "pediment" in a sentence
  • "Supporting the pediment were a pair of beautiful, naked women—caryatids, she remembered from college art class—who, like Joss, accepted their fate with unblinking stoicism."
  • "The beauty of the marble from which stones and columns were cut might have seemed enough, but the builders carved groups of figures in the three-cornered space (called the pediment) in front between the roof and the stones resting upon the columns."
  • "Above the pediment is a canopy with the Virgin and"