Definition of "password" []

  • A secret word or phrase that one uses to gain admittance or access to information. (noun)
  • Computer Science A sequence of characters that one must input to gain access to a file, application, or computer system. Also called passkey. (noun)
  • A secret word, phrase, etc, that ensures admission or acceptance by proving identity, membership, etc (noun)

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  • An action, quality, etc, that gains admission or acceptance (noun)
  • A sequence of characters used to gain access to a computer system (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "password" in a sentence
  • "Enter the correct password in the _password_ field."
  • "GetFormsCredentials userName = _userName password = _password authority = _domain"
  • "I could read and delete them. username = "[email protected] upn"; password = "xyzpdq"; sleep 2 echo USER $username sleep 1 echo PASS $password sleep 2 echo STAT sleep 1 echo QUIT"