Definition of "parity" []

  • Equality, as in amount, status, or value. (noun)
  • Functional equivalence, as in the weaponry or military strength of adversaries: "A problem that has troubled the U.S.-Soviet relationship from the beginning has been the issue of parity” ( Charles William Maynes). (noun)
  • The equivalent in value of a sum of money expressed in terms of a different currency at a fixed official rate of exchange. (noun)
  • Equality of prices of goods or securities in two different markets. (noun)
  • A level for farm-product prices maintained by governmental support and intended to give farmers the same purchasing power they had during a chosen base period. (noun)
  • Equality of rank, pay, etc (noun)

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  • Close or exact analogy or equivalence (noun)
  • The amount of a foreign currency equivalent at the established exchange rate to a specific sum of domestic currency (noun)
  • A similar equivalence between different forms of the same national currency, esp the gold equivalent of a unit of gold-standard currency (noun)
  • Equality between prices of commodities or securities in two separate markets (noun)
  • A property of a physical system characterized by the behaviour of the sign of its wave function when all spatial coordinates are reversed in direction. The wave function either remains unchanged (even parity) or changes in sign (odd parity) (noun)
  • A quantum number describing this property, equal to +1 for even parity systems and –1 for odd parity systems (noun)
  • A relationship between two integers. If both are odd or both even they have the same parity; if one is odd and one even they have different parity (noun)
  • (in the US) a system of government support for farm products (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "parity" in a sentence
  • "The term parity is often used to describe the balance in MLS."
  • "The word "parity" generated great confusion because the annoyed customers found it difficult to understand that there is still a 10% exchange fee to turn dollars into cash."
  • "But now, cap proponents say, the parity is almost guaranteed, like the 54% of revenue that players receive."