Definition of "palaeolithic" [palaeolithic]

  • Alternative capitalization of Paleolithic (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "palaeolithic" in a sentence
  • "According to the most learned and scientific speculation, the total population of the Globe, irr the year 10,000 before our era-in palaeolithic times-may have been about only ten million, probably less than more, all eaters of fruits and roots, hunters and fishermen."
  • "M. Cartailhac, again, has lately, in the most candid and honourable way, recanted his own original disbelief in certain wall-paintings in Spanish caves, of the period called "palaeolithic," for long suspected by him of being "clerical" impostures."
  • "In early ages, after the metals had been worked, stone, bronze, and iron were still used as occasion served, just as the Australian black will now fashion an implement in "palaeolithic" wise, with a few chips; now will polish a weapon in "neolithic" fashion; and, again, will chip a fragment of glass with wonderful delicacy; or will put as good an edge as he can on a piece of hoop iron."