Definition of "paint" []

  • A liquid mixture, usually of a solid pigment in a liquid vehicle, used as a decorative or protective coating. (noun)
  • The thin dry film formed by such a mixture when applied to a surface. (noun)
  • The solid pigment before it is mixed with a vehicle. (noun)
  • A cosmetic, such as rouge, that is used to give color to the face; makeup. (noun)
  • See pinto. (noun)
  • A substance used for decorating or protecting a surface, esp a mixture consisting of a solid pigment suspended in a liquid, that when applied to a surface dries to form a hard coating (noun)

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  • A dry film of paint on a surface (noun)
  • The solid pigment of a paint before it is suspended in liquid (noun)
  • Face make-up, such as rouge (noun)
  • To make (a picture) of (a figure, landscape, etc) with paint applied to a surface such as canvas (verb)
  • To coat (a surface) with paint, as in decorating (verb)
  • To apply (liquid) onto (a surface) (verb)
  • To apply make-up onto (the face, lips, etc) (verb)
  • To describe vividly in words (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "paint" in a sentence
  • "There is no attempt at anything subtile or even delicate in the treatment, speaking from the point of view of a result achieved by paint on canvas, -- no texture, no difference of handling, no imitation; all is _paint_, admirably put on, for the effect across the room."
  • "Kristina: Ma I'm going to look at the paint but I'll meet you at the car Krystal: ok * By paint*"
  • "” with a rising inflection; parallel to these forms are sel (falling) “black paint, ” sel (rising) “paint it!"