Definition of "packing-box" []

  • A box or case in which goods, etc., are packed for transportation. (noun)
  • In a steam-engine, same as stuffing-box. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "packing-box" in a sentence
  • "Gabriel was standing outside the building, eating an orange from one of those packing-box stalls constructed by an innovative Mexican; a hopeful outpost beside a traffic light."
  • "His parents were German Jews who, when he was three years old, emigrated to New York, where the father became a packing-box manufacturer."
  • "Caskets had disappeared from the stock in the village stores, and, save an old packing-box, there was utter want of boards on the plantation, all having been used for various purposes since the wheel of the saw-mill had ceased its busy hum."