Definition of "outcry" []

  • A loud cry or clamor. (noun)
  • A strong protest or objection: public outcry over the rise in prices. (noun)
  • A widespread or vehement protest (noun)

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  • Clamour; uproar (noun)
  • A method of trading in which dealers shout out bids and offers at a prearranged meeting (noun)
  • To cry louder or make more noise than (someone or something) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "outcry" in a sentence
  • "To simply say that they are murderers because the word "outcry" is used elsewhere in the Bible in respect of murder and must therefore mean the same here is like saying that every "accused" in the docks must be "accused" of the same crime simply because they are all referred to as "accused"."
  • "In deviating from righteousness into sin the "outcry" is an automatic result."
  • "To summarise my response in later posts: The word "outcry" is used, in the cases of Hagar and Esau in reference to crimes other than murder, contradicting your argument."