Definition of "otter" []

  • Any of various aquatic, carnivorous mammals of the genus Lutra and allied genera, related to the minks and weasels and having webbed feet and dense, dark brown fur. (noun)
  • The fur of this mammal. (noun)
  • Any freshwater carnivorous musteline mammal of the subfamily Lutrinae, esp Lutra lutra (Eurasian otter), typically having smooth fur, a streamlined body, and webbed feet (noun)

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  • The fur of any of these animals (noun)
  • A type of fishing tackle consisting of a weighted board to which hooked and baited lines are attached (noun)
  • To fish using an otter (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "otter" in a sentence
  • "The terminally cute sea otter is a marine weasel into rough sex."
  • "Crawford said: "Whether you will see an otter is totally down to luck, but there is a better chance now than there has been for 50 years.""
  • "Paul Raven, head of conservation and ecology at the Environment Agency, said: The otter is at the top of the food chain, and as such is an important indicator of the health of English rivers."