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  • "* arid having waited a confiderable, while, I/had the fatisfaclion ot heaving the dear boys cry out, number 371697, a prize ot* twenty thoufa d pounds."
  • "It gave the title ot prince to a branch of the late royal family of France."
  • "• defect in title. any innrmity in the instrument or detect in the title ot the person negotiating the same before he has paid the full amount agreed to be paid therefor he will be deemed a holder in due course only to the extent of the amount theretofore paid by him."
  • "No doubt there are more serious problems in ot country now, gun ownership, ammoand huntes are not included."
  • ""Unless you have a habit of shooting from the next zip code" (which to him was anything much past 250 yds) "or your tryin ot shoot their tails off and scare em to death" yuk yuk."
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