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Definition of "orange-sized" [orange-sized]

  • Having the approximate size of an orange (adjective)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "orange-sized" in a sentence
  • "He imagines he can feel the severation of the orange-sized prostate lying hot and turgid against the back of his pelvis; he can imagine the lightness of his body when the burn of the meteor finishes; he imagines himself floating in a vast and silky sea, free to pee as much as he would like without straining, a full and proud stream that will rattle the toilet-water as he sinks into the ether."
  • "The back side of the gate is riddled with orange-sized pock marks."
  • "A co-worker who'd somehow been outside though, had returned to the accounting division holding an orange-sized rock, streaked with blood."
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