Definition of "opposition" []

  • The act of opposing or resisting. (noun)
  • The condition of being in conflict; antagonism: "The history of men's opposition to women's emancipation is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself” ( Virginia Woolf). (noun)
  • Placement opposite to or in contrast with another. (noun)
  • Something that serves as an obstacle. (noun)
  • A political party or an organized group opposed to the group, party, or government in power. (noun)
  • The act of opposing or the state of being opposed (noun)

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  • Hostility, unfriendliness, or antagonism (noun)
  • A person or group antagonistic or opposite in aims to another (noun)
  • (capital as part of a name, esp in Britain and other Commonwealth countries) (noun)
  • A position facing or opposite another (noun)
  • The act of placing something facing or opposite something else (noun)
  • Something that acts as an obstacle to some course or progress (noun)
  • The position of an outer planet or the moon when it is in line or nearly in line with the earth as seen from the sun and is approximately at its nearest to the earth (noun)
  • The position of two celestial bodies when they appear to be diametrically opposite each other on the celestial sphere (noun)
  • An exact aspect of 180° between two planets, etc, an orb of 8° being allowed (noun)
  • The relation between propositions having the same subject and predicate but differing in quality, quantity, or both, as with all men are wicked; no men are wicked; some men are not wicked (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "opposition" in a sentence
  • "It should be the opposition of brothers not of enemies, it may be shewn by acts of kindness and forbearance, but it _must be opposition_ and it _must be shown_."
  • "Just as crucially, they hinge on what they think about the other lot as well, and Labour's record in opposition is poor."
  • "One of the few pleasures of having your party in opposition is watching the other team's supporters writhing over ever 'betrayal' etc."