Definition of "oder" []

  • A river in central Europe, rising in the NE Czech Republic and flowing north and west, forming part of the border between Germany and Poland, to the Baltic. Length: 913 km (567 miles) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "oder" in a sentence
  • "Health care reform is absolute necessary in oder to keep Americans from filing bankrupties over and over because they can not afford health care."
  • "This is like saying in oder to stop you from rapinf someone we must rape you first."
  • "My advice to Hillary is to pull out gracefully in oder to prevent further damage to her shaking reputation."
  • "So far, this is the only explanation which makes sense to me for the timing of the NYT article: uproar management/advertising in oder to get publicity for a book."
  • "Note 5: Jacob Christian Schäffer, Entwurf einer allgemeinen Farbenverein oder Versuch und Muster einer gemeinnütslichen Bestimmung und Benennung der Farben (Regensburg, 1769), 1. back"