Definition of "odd-lot" []

  • A batch of merchandise that contains less than or more than the usual number of units (noun)
  • A number of securities less than the standard trading unit of 100 (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "odd-lot" in a sentence
  • "And so we have the two hundred or more gladiators owned by Vatia: Thracians and Celts, with a likely admixture of Germans, Italians, and odd-lot others."
  • "He preferred wholesaling and its constant middleman juggle of buying and reselling odd-lot shipments of televisions or frying pans or Coca-Cola."
  • "A technical analysis theory based on using odd-lot trading behavior as a contrary indicator, under the assumption that odd lots are traded primarily by small investors who are on average less experienced than institutional investors."
  • "In general, the odd-lot rules require that orders under 100 shares be executed by the so-called specialist firm that manages trading in each stock, so that the small orders get the price of the next "round-lot" trade, be it 100 shares or 100,000."
  • "The Big Board itself has filed several regulatory actions alleging abuses of the odd-lot system."