Definition of "occultism" []

  • The study of the supernatural. (noun)
  • A belief in occult powers and the possibility of bringing them under human control. (noun)
  • Belief in and the study and practice of magic, astrology, etc (noun)

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Use "occultism" in a sentence
  • "Some extend the term occultism to cover mysticism and the spiritual life generally, but that is not a legitimate use of either word."
  • "Though modern occultism is interesting, it is (a) not unanimous in its naming conventions (nor in its theology or cosmology), (b) largely a Modern synthesis anyway, so not archetypal, and (c) apparently ineffective by standards of most fantasy and legend, so - unlike, say martial arts - has no firm claim to objective validity."
  • "The mystic, the teacher, and the philosopher are following the path of Gnani; so is the true occultist, but many who deal in so-called occultism are employing _knowledge_ only, entirely missing the higher quality -- _wisdom_."