Definition of "occasion" []

  • An event or happening; an incident. (noun)
  • The time at which an event occurs. (noun)
  • A significant event. (noun)
  • A favorable or appropriate time or juncture; an opportunity. See Synonyms at opportunity. (noun)
  • Something that brings on or precipitates an action, condition, or event, especially the immediate cause. See Synonyms at cause. (noun)
  • The time of a particular happening or event (noun)

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  • A reason or cause (to do or be something); grounds (noun)
  • An opportunity (to do something); chance (noun)
  • A special event, time, or celebration (noun)
  • To bring about, esp incidentally or by chance (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "occasion" in a sentence
  • "For once in your life can't you keep your whining at home and think of others and what the occasion is about?"
  • "Here in the United States, the occasion is a timely reminder of the importance of home in our cities and in our communities."
  • "On the other hand, if the occasion is a job interview, then perhaps the dreaded pants-suit should be stomached."