Definition of "object" []

  • Something perceptible by one or more of the senses, especially by vision or touch; a material thing. (noun)
  • A focus of attention, feeling, thought, or action: an object of contempt. (noun)
  • The purpose, aim, or goal of a specific action or effort: the object of the game. (noun)
  • Grammar A noun, pronoun, or noun phrase that receives or is affected by the action of a verb within a sentence. (noun)
  • Grammar A noun or substantive governed by a preposition. (noun)
  • A tangible and visible thing (noun)

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  • A person or thing seen as a focus or target for feelings, thought, etc (noun)
  • An aim, purpose, or objective (noun)
  • A ridiculous or pitiable person, spectacle, etc (noun)
  • That towards which cognition is directed, as contrasted with the thinking subject; anything regarded as external to the mind, esp in the external world (noun)
  • A noun, pronoun, or noun phrase whose referent is the recipient of the action of a verb (noun)
  • A noun, pronoun, or noun phrase that is governed by a preposition (noun)
  • A self-contained identifiable component of a software system or design (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "object" in a sentence
  • "_Book_, naming the thing acted upon, they call the _direct_ object; and _me_, naming the person toward whom the act is directed, they call the +indirect+, or _dative_, +object+."
  • "By the latter process they put _themselves_ on the outside of an object -- in fact, they surround it; by the former, they put the _object_ outside by allowing it to escape through their bodies."
  • "She suspects the object of his visit; more than that, she knows it: _she is herself its object_."