Definition of "oaklike" [oaklike]

  • Resembling or characteristic of an oak or its wood. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "oaklike" in a sentence
  • "Standing at the center of a circle, his feet planted wije, with massive swings of his oaklike arms he twirled his heavy iron ball about his head, lowering it a few feet whenever a German came into range and smashing the man apart."
  • "It was a grass country of many low, rounded hills and dipping valleys, with fine isolated oaklike trees here and there in the depressions, and compact, beautiful oaklike groves thrown over the hills like blankets."
  • "These apparently little valleys were in reality the matter of an hour's journey to cross; these rounded hills, to all seeming only two good golf strokes from bottom to top, were matters of serious climbing; these compact, squared groves of oaklike trees were actually great forests of giants in which one could lose one's self for days, in which roamed herds of elephant and buffalo."