Definition of "notoriety" []

  • The quality or condition of being notorious; ill fame. (noun)
  • Well-known for some bad or unfavourable quality, deed, etc; infamous (adjective)

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  • Generally known or widely acknowledged (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "notoriety" in a sentence
  • "They need to enact what we call a notoriety-for-profit law."
  • "Kansas is going to have to realize that they ` re going to need what we call a notoriety for profit law, which means that any items produced by BTK -- for example, letters, autographs, artwork, for sale -- their authorities would be able to seize money."
  • "Is the real story here that Fox created these bogus interviews because Fox has figured out that no one of any notoriety is going to let Sarah Palin interview them?"