Definition of "nose" []

  • The part of the human face or the forward part of the head of other vertebrates that contains the nostrils and organs of smell and forms the beginning of the respiratory tract. (noun)
  • The sense of smell: a dog with a good nose. (noun)
  • The ability to detect, sense, or discover as if by smell: has a nose for gossip. (noun)
  • The characteristic smell of a wine or liqueur; bouquet. (noun)
  • Informal The nose considered as a symbol of prying: Keep your nose out of my business. (noun)
  • The organ of smell and entrance to the respiratory tract, consisting of a prominent structure divided into two hair-lined air passages by a median septum (noun)

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  • The sense of smell itself: in hounds and other animals, the ability to follow trails by scent (esp in the phrases a good nose, a bad nose) (noun)
  • Instinctive skill or facility, esp in discovering things (sometimes in the phrase follow one's nose) (noun)
  • A person employed by a distillery or other alcohol-producing industry to test the quality of the product by smell (noun)
  • Any part regarded as resembling a nose in form or function, such as a nozzle or spout (noun)
  • The forward part of a vehicle, aircraft, etc, esp the front end of an aircraft (noun)
  • Narrow margin of victory (in the phrase (win) by a nose) (noun)
  • (esp of horses, dogs, etc) to rub, touch, or sniff with the nose; nuzzle (verb)
  • To smell or sniff (wine, etc) (verb)
  • To search (for) by or as if by scent (verb)
  • To move or cause to move forwards slowly and carefully (verb)
  • To pry or snoop (into) or meddle (in) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "nose" in a sentence
  • "I stuck my nose all the way down in there, and there was nothing other than *crinkled nose*."
  • "The deformity sometimes consists in a lateral deviation of the nose, but more frequently in flattening of the bridge -- _traumatic saddle nose_."
  • "Fracture of nasal bones -- Deformities of nose: _Saddle nose_; _Partial and complete destruction of nose_; _Restoration of nose_;"