Definition of "northwest" []

  • The direction or point on the mariner's compass halfway between due north and due west, or 45° west of due north. (noun)
  • An area or region lying in the northwest. (noun)
  • A historical region of the north-central United States west of the Mississippi River and north of the Missouri River. (noun)
  • A region of the northwest United States, generally including Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. (noun)
  • To, toward, of, facing, or in the northwest. (adjective)
  • The point of the compass or direction midway between north and west, 315° clockwise from north (noun)

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  • Of or denoting the northwestern part of a specified country, area, etc (adjective)
  • In, to, towards, or (esp of the wind) from the northwest (adverb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "northwest" in a sentence
  • "I hunt deer ever year in northwest NE (pine ridge area) we always see one or two of them and lots of sign."
  • "Mainly light to moderate rain currently encompasses the area but much heavier rain is streaming north and northwest from the southeast."
  • "(Actually, they were in northwest North Carolina.)"