Definition of "nonpersistent" [nonpersistent]

  • Having a short life or existence under natural conditions: a nonpersistent pesticide; a nonpersistent infection. (adjective)

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Use "nonpersistent" in a sentence
  • "In a 1990 briefing, the spy agency stated: "(Iraq's) Botulinum toxin (its biological weapons) is nonpersistent, degrading rapidly in the environment" and only has a shelf life of a year when stored below 27 degrees Celcius."
  • "In my view, all the Bush administration has done is restated the Clinton administration's early policy and given the mines a new name: nonpersistent mines."
  • "The United States has refused to sign the treaty because they say they need land mines for security, specifically nonpersistent mines, or smart mines, which are supposed to self-destruct or deactivate after a certain amount of time."