Definition of "nonnegative" [nonnegative]

  • (adjective) Of, relating to, or being a quantity that is either positive or zero.

Use "nonnegative" in a sentence

  • "Now the covariance matrix can be written as where T is the transpose, U is an orthogonal matrix (, I is an identity matrix), D is a diagonal matrix matrix of eigenvalues (nonnegative numbers)."
  • "S and R are real, with R nonnegative, and rewriting Schrödinger's equation in terms of these new variables to obtain a pair of coupled evolution equations: the continuity equation for ρ = R2 and a modified Hamilton-Jacobi equation for S, differing from the usual classical Hamilton-Jacobi equation only by the appearance of an extra term, the quantum potential"
  • "Now, to a mathematician (and I am one of those), a metric is a nonnegative function of two points in a metric space (so-called because it is a set on which a metric is defined) that tells something about how far apart (often in quite nonintuitive ways) the two points are."

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