Definition of "nimble" []

  • Quick, light, or agile in movement or action; deft: nimble fingers. See Synonyms at dexterous. (adjective)
  • Quick, clever, and acute in devising or understanding: nimble wits. (adjective)
  • Agile, quick, and neat in movement (adjective)

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  • Alert; acute (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "nimble" in a sentence
  • "We must remain nimble, flexible and prepared to compete as a region."
  • "The suspension is pillow-soft, and a front-wheel-drive car approaching 2 tons can't be called nimble, but the chassis felt tight and Fusion was sure-footed."
  • "Hermod, called the nimble, an older brother of Baldur, said he would go."