Definition of "night life" []

  • The entertainment available to people seeking nighttime diversion (noun)
  • The activity of people seeking nighttime diversion (as at the theater, a nightclub, etc.) (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "night life" in a sentence
  • ""I was just asking Gaius Julius whether he knew what sort of night life there is in Arelate, and if there is any, whether he’d care to sample it with me.""
  • "Maigret was reluctant to wait for complete darkness, but it would be more difficult to follow Philippe without attracting his attention — and Bonvoisin’s, which was more important in the deserted streets before the night life of Montmartre began."
  • "For a long time the locusts rasped, the whip-poor-wills cried and a steady hum of night life throbbed in her ears."