Definition of "nearly" [near•ly]

  • (adverb) Almost but not quite: The coat nearly fits.
  • (adverb) In a close manner; intimately: a matter nearly affecting our interests.

Use "nearly" in a sentence

  • "In _A. frostiana_ and the pale forms of the species the spores are nearly globose or oval, rarely with a tendency to become elliptical, but _the content is quite constantly finely granular_, while the spores of _A. cothurnata_ are perhaps more constantly globose or nearly so, but the spore is _nearly filled with a highly refractive oil globule or "nucleus.""
  • "You fancy, perhaps, I have not got a friend, and you are nearly right -- _nearly_, but not altogether."
  • "With a perfectly good conductor and a good battery, nearly all the electricity is passed, i.e. _nearly all_ the chemical power becomes transferable, even with a single pair of plates (807.)."

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