Definition of "name" []

  • A word or words by which an entity is designated and distinguished from others. (noun)
  • A word or group of words used to describe or evaluate, often disparagingly. (noun)
  • Representation or repute, as opposed to reality: a democracy in name, a police state in fact. (noun)
  • A reputation: has a bad name. (noun)
  • A distinguished reputation: made a name for himself as a drummer. (noun)
  • A word or term by which a person or thing is commonly and distinctively known (noun)

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  • Mere outward appearance or form as opposed to fact (esp in the phrase in name) (noun)
  • A word, title, or phrase descriptive of character, usually abusive or derogatory (noun)
  • Reputation, esp, if unspecified, good reputation (noun)
  • A famous person or thing (noun)
  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • A member of Lloyd's who provides part of the capital of a syndicate and shares in its profits or losses but does not arrange its business (noun)
  • To give a name to; call by a name (verb)
  • To refer to by name; cite (verb)
  • To determine, fix, or specify (verb)
  • To appoint to or cite for a particular title, honour, or duty; nominate (verb)
  • To ban (an MP) from the House of Commons by mentioning him or her formally by name as being guilty of disorderly conduct (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "name" in a sentence
  • "The cost works out to about $19k / yr, or $50 / day to trap _each_ name and respond with a simple name+ (a, b, c) reply."
  • "Promoted to Headline (H3) on 5/17/09: Bush-Obama: 'A rose by any other name 'yahooBuzzArticleHeadline =' Bush-Obama: \'A rose by any other name\ ''; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: Who said, "A war criminal is a war ciminal is a war criminal?"'"
  • "I also like how they've quoted people on the poster but used their twitter @name instead of their real name."