Definition of "myxoma" []

  • A benign tumor, most often found in the heart, composed of connective tissue embedded in mucus. (noun)

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Use "myxoma" in a sentence
  • "Let me clarify here, while it is true that MacFarlane Burnet injected himself with the rabbit myxoma virus, and I did actually infect myself with Helicobacter pylori,"
  • "Seiffert examined a case of this nature in a young man of nineteen, and, contrary to Kopp's supposition, found that in some skin from over the left second rib the elastic fibers were quite normal, but there was transformation of the connective tissue of the dermis into an unformed tissue like a myxoma, with total disappearance of the connective-tissue bundles."
  • "There is reason to believe that the tumours of the parotid previously described as adenoma, chondroma, angioma, myxoma, and many of the cases of sarcoma, were really mixed tumours in which one or other of these tissues predominated."