Definition of "mythus" [mythus]

  • Same as myth, 1. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "mythus" in a sentence
  • "A new religion arose, of which the mythus was the Bible stories and the pervading spirit the direct relations of man with God, exemplified in the human life."
  • "He is represented as loving the daughter of Phthiotian Phylas, the possessor of many herds, and by her had Eudorus (or riches) whom the aged Phylas fostered and brought up in his house -- quite a significant local mythus, which is here related, like others in the usual tone of heroic mythology."
  • "Æschylean 'mythus' is laid in the definition of idea and law, as correlatives that mutually interpret each the other; -- an idea, with the adequate power of realizing itself being a law, and a law considered abstractedly from, or in the absence of, the power of manifesting itself in its appropriate product being an idea."