Definition of "mylodon" []

  • Any of the extinct genus Mylodon of giant ground sloths of Patagonia. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "mylodon" in a sentence
  • ""In Patagonia" 1977 begins in his grandmother's dining room with a cabinet containing among its treasures a dried piece of mylodon skin sent by a cousin, "Charley Milward the Sailor.""
  • "The glyptodon has if anything replaced the mylodon in my affections—there are about 6 whole ones in the Museum of La Plata—an enormous armadillo up to 9-10 feet long, each scale of its armour looking like a Japanese chrysthanthemum."
  • "The skin looked so fresh the animal was thought to have recently died, but it turned out to be the 10,000-year-old remnants of a mylodon, an extinct 10-foot-tall sloth."