Definition of "mutator" [mutator]

  • That which causes mutation or change (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "mutator" in a sentence
  • "In programming parlance, a mutator is a function that alters the state of your object."
  • "Immutability Make fi eld fi nal, "mutator" methods return new immutable instances. public class Speed {private final int milesPerHour; public Speed (int milesPerHour) {this. milesPerHour = milesPerHour;} public Speed sawCop () {return new Speed (this. milesPerHour"
  • "By the fifth issue, the self-styled "neurozine" began running color covers, and carried ever-changing mottos: "The perpetual novelty brain jack" or "The brain mutator for higher primates.""