Definition of "mustachioed" []

  • Alternative spelling of moustachio’d (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "mustachioed" in a sentence
  • "I think a better word choice would have been "mustachioed", but that's just me."
  • "Paul would be meeting her father, and the traditional, old-guard Republican John McWilliams could be “very difficult” at the best of times, let alone when towering over the smallish, balding, mustachioed forty-four-year-old artist his older daughter had brought home from the war."
  • "Nearby, a team of glowering, mustachioed Hungarians in camo pants and combat boots was having a disastrous morning, shattering a stack of plates before the meal service even began and struggling to get a complicated vegetable-and-cod appetizer cooked all the way through."