Definition of "musculus" [musculus]

  • Pl. musculi (-lī). In anatomy, a muscle. (noun)
  • [capitalized] In zoology: (noun)
  • A genus of mice, of which Mus musculus is the type: same as Mus. (noun)
  • A term in use among the conchologists of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries for various bivalve shells, as Panopæa, Unionidæ, Cyrenidæ. Mytilidæ, etc. (noun)
  • A genus of brachiopods of the family Terebratulidæ. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "musculus" in a sentence
  • "[13] also appears to have recognised these muscles, which he called the musculus cruciatus prothoracis."
  • "One behavioral ecologist who has done some very interesting work with Mus musculus is Wayne Potts, at the University of Utah."
  • "This idea was passed on to the ancient Romans, who coined the word musculus, "little mouse.""