Definition of "mugwort" []

  • Any of several aromatic plants of the genus Artemisia, especially A. vulgaris, native to Eurasia and sometimes used as a condiment. (noun)

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  • "The Katzer pages and this botanical log confirm the similar Russian names: mugwort is Чернобыльник ( "Chernobylnik") or botanically Полынь Обыкновенная (Common Polyn);, and according to the southernwood page, wormwood aka Artemisia absinthium is Полынь горькая ( "Bitter Polyn" again)."
  • "I learned that moxa is a kind of herb, also called mugwort, well known in the ancient world for its medicinal properties."
  • "The Northern Europeans have long brewed gruit and sahti with spices such as mugwort and heather and yarrow and juniper and caraway and coriander."