Definition of "mu-meson" [mu-meson]

  • A subatomic particle, now contracted to muon. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "mu-meson" in a sentence
  • "'The worlds seeded according to the "Books Min-Ha-Ada-Mah means" blood from mega orders of creation. cosmos operating o n the various planes of Life "and the revealed expression of the ground" as opposed to Men-Ha-Ada - muon' Also called mu-meson."
  • "UNABBREVIATED antimissile laggard SHORTENINGS (6) antirheu - lagger detox, v. matic, adj. meson gox antisexist, microelec - hydro adj. trode immuno -, audiotypist mu-meson comb. bioelectro - muon form genesis"
  • "NEW MEANINGS analyst gate mu-meson bob immune, adj. muonon, butter pat laggard suffix delocalize, v. lagger paging derrick, v. meson plasma digger microelectrode poach, v. fat receptor reduplicate, gravisphere ductibility v. moonfall electrohydraulic spinner parakite standoff resistojet fluidonics station BLENDS (2) fluoridizer zone gayola incapacitator VARIANT FORM plench Mosleyite tabbouli BOUND-MORPHEME mysterium FUNCTIONAL ITEMS (7) oceanologic,"