Definition of "mosquito" []

  • Any of various two-winged insects of the family Culicidae, in which the female of most species is distinguished by a long proboscis for sucking blood. Some species are vectors of diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Also called regionally skeeter. See Regional Note at possum. (noun)
  • Any dipterous insect of the family Culicidae: the females have a long proboscis adapted for piercing the skin of man and animals to suck their blood (noun)

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Use "mosquito" in a sentence
  • "(No mosquito bites for him)] _The yellow fever mosquito_ is domestic like the house cat."
  • "_The mosquito leaving the pupa skin_] _The malaria mosquito_ is domestic like the chicken and lives around in houses hiding in the grass, bushes or dark corners and comes out to bite at night."
  • "Additional insect-related research rewarded this year was that of Bart Knols and Ruurd de Jong of the Netherlands, who won the Biology prize for showing that the female malaria mosquito is attracted equally to the smells of limburger cheese and human feet."