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Definition of "mor" []

  • A Celtic adjective, meaning ‘great,’ used as a component in personal and place names: as, Can-more, ‘great head,’ Strathmore, ‘great strath.’
  • An abbreviation of Morocco. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "mor" in a sentence
  • "When they have ascertained that the by-yu has been immersed in water for a sufficient time they dig, in a dry sandy place, holes which they call mor-dak; these holes are about the depth that a person's arms can reach, and one foot in diameter; they line them with rushes and fill them up with the nuts, over which they sprinkle a little sand, and then cover the holes nicely over with the tops of the grass-tree; in about a fortnight the pulp which encases the nut becomes quite dry, and it is then fit to eat, but if eaten before that it produces the effects already described."
  • "Shi bobilin mor aige; Ach do fuar Se ba Agus bhi se marbh ansin: will be sung in Gaelic and unlikely to be understood by anybody other than the Irish Ambassador, who is already fully familiar with the song."
  • "Some envelopes contain mor e than just a photo of the purchase and it'sreceipt."