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  • Bobby. full name Robert Frederick Moore. 1941–93, English footballer, captain of the England team that won the World Cup in 1966 (noun)
  • Dudley (Stuart John). 1935–2002, British actor, comedian, and musician noted for his comedy partnership (1960–73) with Peter Cook and such films as 10 (1979) and Arthur (1981) (noun)
  • George. 1852–1933, Irish novelist. His works include Esther Waters (1894) and The Brook Kerith (1916) (noun)
  • G(eorge) E(dward). 1873–1958, British philosopher, noted esp for his Principia Ethica (1903) (noun)
  • Gerald. 1899–1987, British pianist, noted as an accompanist esp to lieder singers (noun)
  • Henry. 1898–1986, British sculptor. His works are characterized by monumental organic forms and include the Madonna and Child (1943) at St Matthew's Church, Northampton (noun)
  • Sir John. 1761–1809, British general; commander of the British army (1808–09) in the Peninsular War: killed at Corunna (noun)
  • Marianne (Craig). 1887–1972, US poet: her works include Observations (1924) and Selected Poems (1935) (noun)
  • Thomas. 1779–1852, Irish poet, best known for Irish Melodies (1807–34) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "I am thinking of this title moore and cheeseburgers,a love story."
  • "Too bad the director has already ruined several cool concepts. simalex2000 john moore is bad news for even the most promising of ideas. zerosum0101"
  • "This saddens me that michael moore is obviusly also Gender Bias."
  • "| Reply goddammit demi moore is hot. also stallone is hilarious."
  • "| Reply alan moore is the god of comic books anubis"
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