Definition of "moody" []

  • Given to frequent changes of mood; temperamental. (adjective)
  • Subject to periods of depression; sulky. (adjective)
  • Expressive of a mood, especially a sullen or gloomy mood: a moody silence. (adjective)
  • Sullen, sulky, or gloomy (adjective)

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  • Temperamental or changeable (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "moody" in a sentence
  • "He went through the meal in moody silence, mechanically eating what was before him."
  • "And I can personally attest that Poe no Ichizoku does indeed contain moody boy vampires making cow-eyes at each other."
  • "Choco (Chiyoko Sakurai) is the sporty one interested in moody boy Ando."