Definition of "mony" []

  • An obsolete or dialectal (Scotch) form of many.
  • An obsolete form of money. (noun)
  • A suffix in some nouns of Latin origin, as in acrimony, ceremony, parsimony, sanctimony, alimony, matrimony, testimony, etc. See etymology. The suffix is not used as an English formative. (noun)

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Use "mony" in a sentence
  • "Included, for which we dont doubt having his Majestys bounty mony, which is £5 Ster. per head."
  • "There is also a kind of mony called Cruzados stamped with the atmes of Portugall, and is worth 6 tangas good mony, the larines are euery 9 of them worth 2 cruzados, which is 12 tangas good mony, and these larines be of those which are stamped in Balsara and"
  • "Eh, sirce me; an 'me was so happy no' mony 'oors syne!"