Definition of "moneybags" [moneybags]

  • Plural form of moneybag. (noun)
  • A wealthy person (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "moneybags" in a sentence
  • "China's nouveaux riches may now be known among their jealous neighbors as "moneybags" (dakuan), "big shots" (dawan) or "bigwigs" (daheng)."
  • "There is little compassion that these "moneybags" will have to give up such epicurean delights as foie gras and oxtail marmalade for the opium of the masses - dal-chawal."
  • "Unhappy with the kind of moneybags owners their club has been attracting, many Newcastle fans are demanding - it's not too strong a word - that a more pliable billionaire comes along to buy them over."