Definition of "molten" []

  • Archaic A past participle of melt. (verb)
  • Made liquid by heat; melted: molten lead. (adjective)
  • Made by melting and casting in a mold. (adjective)
  • Brilliantly glowing, from or as if from intense heat: "A huge red bed of coals blazed and quivered with molten fury” ( Richard Wright). (adjective)
  • Liquefied; melted (adjective)

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  • Made by having been melted (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "molten" in a sentence
  • "To resist the washout and soldering, die materials should have high hot hardness, good temper resistance, low solubility in molten aluminum and good oxidation resistance."
  • "Ash from the process is captured in molten glass, producing an obsidian-like material that can be buried in landfills or used in construction materials."
  • "Ok, let me get this straight, you were doing backstokes in molten lava to test that new diving suit and this beast came out of nowhere and swallowed you whole?"